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  • DfA
    Component Layout in Placement Processes
    Effective, accurate component placement takes into account the best practices of design and assembly, both of them inextricably intertwined. Positioning CSPs and noise-sensitive devices are two of a host of considerations.
    by Zulki Khan

  • Copper Plating
    Improved Electrolytic Copper Plating for Flex PWBs
    A novel electrolytic copper-plating process is said to provide flex circuit manufacturers a new option for meeting system performance requirements, while maintaining or improving product interconnection and mechanical reliability.
    by Hiroshi Hoshiyama, Shinjiroh Hayashi, Makoto Sakai and Rikiya Shimizu

    PCB Data Preparation
    What happens to CAD data once it is released to manufacturing? A veteran designer describes what happens to a typical job once it leaves his facility and reaches manufacturing.
    by Jack Olson and Mike Tucker



  • Global Sourcing
    When offshoring works best.
    Rob Duvall

  • ROI
    Back to basics.
    Peter Bigelow


  • EMC for the Real World
    Grover on inductance.
    Dr. Eric Bogatin

  • The Defects Database
    Rethinking black pad.
    Dr. Davide Di Maio, Ph.D.

  • Test and Inspection
    IEEE test standards 'speed' toward resolution.
    Jun Balangue

  • Getting Lean
    Sequentially implementing Lean and Lean Sigma.
    Carlos Rodriguez



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