December 2012



PCB Design
When It Comes to CAD, Function Beats Speed
A veteran PCB designer's question – "What sort of data is
available to benchmark the top four CAD tools out there?" – sparks a huge survey and reveals some surprising answers.
by Chelsey Drysdale

TPCA Report
The Mitchell Plan
IPC's new president is wasting no time remaking the trade group in his own (attentive) image.
by Matthew Holzmann

Technical Diagnostics of Electronics Products: Application of Bayes Formula and Boltzmann-Arrhenius-Zhurkov
(BAZ) Model

For systems where failure-free operation is critical, technical diagnostics can recognize, in a continuous fashion and without dismantling, the ability to continue to function as expected over the long-term.
by Ephraim Suhir, Laurent BECHOU and Alain Bensoussan

Our dearly departed.
Mike Buetow



  • Caveat Lector
    'Cooking' up some changes.
    Mike Buetow



  • ROI
    No day at the beach.
    Peter Bigelow

  • Focus on Business
    SMTAI was worth the trip, even if it
    was Orlando.
    Susan Mucha



  • Designer’s Notebook
    BGA via-in-pad.
    Duane Benson

  • ESD Basics
    Principles for material selection and program decisions.
    The ESD Association

  • Solar Technologies
    Noncontact methods.
    Tom Falcon

  • Tech Tips
    Hand soldering or selective?
    ACI Technologies

  • Technical Abstracts
    In case you missed it.

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