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Improving Design Communication Using DfA Analysis and Feedback
Creating a single data format from design through manufacturing can accelerate design data transfer, improving yields and reducing cost.
by Mark Laing

Signal Integrity
Modeling Common Ground Noise in High-Speed Multi-board PCB Systems
The amount of noise between reference planes in two adjoining boards
depends on the inductance produced by the inter-board connector.
by Mosin Mondal, Bhyrav Mutnur, Pravin Patel, Samuel Connor,
Bruce Archambeault, and Moises Cases

From the Field
Collaborations and Conferences
At PCB East, bi-directional communication was more than a catch-phrase.
by Kathy Nargi-Toth

AOI – Defining Reliability for Complex Designs
Advanced AOI techniques provide manufacturers and OEM customers with  exceptional inspection reliability.
by Zulki Khan

Fab Basics
When a Good DOE Goes Bad
Estimate the time constant of a process prior to conducting the DOE to prevent erroneous results.
by J Lee Parker

Drilling of PCBs – an Overview
Engineering advances have increase throughput and enabled smaller via
sizes with increased process reliability.
by Todd Lizotte, Gabor Kardos and Ronald D. Schaeffer


Our Line
The partnership paradox.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Clear lines of responsibility keep highly functional cross-trained teams error free.
Peter Bigelow

Tip Jar
Life is a learning excursion, and the more questions you ask, the richer your journey.
Jack Olson

Interconnect Strategies
Note: This column was published in two parts in the April and June issues. Both parts are presented here.
Mathcad can solve complicated SI expressions including those with complex/imaginary terms, logarithmic and exponential functions.
Dr. Abe (Abbas) Riazi

Final Finish Forum
Decisions about final finishes are often made from the design seat.
George Milad

BGA Bulletin
Note: This column was published in four parts in the March, April, May and June issues. All four parts are presented here.
Creating effective fanout patterns for microvias in an HDI stackup.
Charles Pfeil


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