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IC/PCB Co-Design
Improving Circuit Design Using IC Package/PCB Co-Design Techniques
Dynamic new co-design strategies will give the PCB designer the flexibility to re-map legacy package pinouts.
by Martin Hart

SPICE Modeling from an EM Simulation Environment
The use of full-wave electromagnetic modeling can simulate the behavior of a high-speed differential backplane channel and advance the system-level design process.
by Eugene Mayevskyi and Fabrizio Zanella

Design Tools
Post Route Signal Integrity Design Rule Checking
Design rule checkers can eliminate human error, lower costs and speed time-to-market for highly constrained PCBs.
by Guy de Burgh and Gene Garat

Optical Interconnect
Optoelectronics Comes of Age, Parts 1 and 2
Note: Part 1 ran in the February issue. Part 2 ran in the March issue. Both parts are presented here.
Optical interconnects are expected to significantly increase computing power in products with ultra-high frequency data rates, increasing its usage over the next 5 years.
by Dr. Bruce L. Booth and Jack Fisher

Trade Shows
What Drives the Crowd?
A great technical conference and location are most important, readers say.
by Mike Buetow

Laminate Materials
Advanced Glass Reinforcement Technology for Improved Signal Integrity
New glass fabrics promise to resolve challenges in high tech PCB design and fabrication.
by Russell Dudek, Patricia Goldman and John Kuhn


Our Line
Waste not, want not.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

A good capital plan juggles the requirements for infrastructure replacement and technology upgrades.
Peter Bigelow

Tip Jar
Understanding the information provided by the manufacturer allows the designer to be more proficient in the board layout process.
Susy Webb

Interconnect Strategies
Successful design/characterization of PCB high-speed interfaces frequently demand analyses of timing margins and jitter.
Dr. Abe Riazi

BGA Bulletin
Next generation ASIC and FPGA packages with 0.8-mm pitch and over 2,000 pins will require the use of HDI to accomplish BGA routing.
Charles Pfeil


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