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PTH Reliability
Designing to Improve PTH Reliability
Understanding the critical process steps in design, fabrication and assembly can increase the robustness of the PTH and improve reliability.
by Zulki Khan

PTH Reliability
The Survival and Long-Term Reliability of Lead-Free PCBs
A DfA program that designs and specifies PCBs compatible with lead-free soldering is often at odds with a cost driven manufacturing metric.
by Werner Engelmaier

iNEMI's Emerging Technologies
Research Priorities for the Electronics Industry
The merger of micro and nano, chemical, and other sensors with micro- and nano-electronics could mean disruption ahead.
by Alan Rae, Ph.D., Robert C. Pfahl, Ph.D., and Charles Richardson

From the Field
Designs That Exceed Expectations
An interview with Chantal Holloway and Guillaume Turgeon - two of the 2007 winners of the Mentor Graphics PCB Technology Leadership Awards.
by Kathy Nargi-Toth

Printed Circuit Design & Fab Annual Buyers Guide
Trying to locate suppliers for your design or fabrication project? Look no further.


Our Line
China's labor pains.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

The ability to identify and quickly implement technology change is often the difference between mediocrity and excellence.
Peter Bigelow

EMC for the Real World
To control emissions, high-speed signals should not be routed near the edge of the ground-reference plane.
Dr. Bruce Archambeault

BGA Bulletin
BGA miniaturization amplifies the design challenge of balancing high-performance signal integrity with fabrication cost reduction.
Charles Pfeil


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