Lead-Free Process Guide
The Impact of RoHS on Complex PCBs
Lead-free assembly puts a higher demand on complex PCBs.
by Chrys Shea

Design for Miniaturization
Next Paradigm Shift: Personal Mobile Phones
A case study in electronics miniaturization.
by Ilyas Mohammed

Flexible Design
Guide to Rigid-Flex Design
Designers with flexible thinking improve yields and reduce costs.
by Mark Gallant

Smart Screening
RoHS in the Hi-Rel Market
New testing methods offer non-destructive confirmation of component composition.
by Drew Hession-Kunz

Flexible Processing
Laser Processing of Flexible Circuits
Lasers are enabling smaller features and higher density flexible circuits.
by Dr. Ronald D. Schaeffer and Gabor Kardos


Our Line
Elementary critical mass.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Focus on critical resources is elemental.
Peter Bigelow

Interconnect Strategies
RLC modeling has fundamental importance.
Dr. Abe Riazi

No Myths Allowed
What is the true value of a guard trace?
Dr. Eric Bogatin

The Flex Market
Flex circuit manufacturers collapse in Japan.
Dominique Numakura

Career Care
Internet job board use is on the rise.
Ted Daywalt


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