A Designer's Survival Guide to High-Speed Serial Links
Pre-emphasis and backdrilling can help you avoid being a casualty in the battle for signal integrity.
by Dr. Eric Bogatin

Being Green Can Make You See Red
But not if you start getting ready for lead-free now, while July 2006 is still a year away.
by Jim Smith

Get On Board: Solving Thermal Problems at Board Level
The early bird gets the worm. Instead of waiting to address thermal issues at the system level, tackle them at board level instead.
by Robin Bornoff


Our Line
WEEE: The other directive.
Andy Shaughnessy

Power Selling
Tips for finding, interviewing and hiring the right sales manager.
Dan Beaulieu

If change is such a good thing, why can't we embrace it?
Peter Bigelow

Interconnect Strategies
NOTE: This PDF contains both Part 1 from the May issue and Part 2 from the June issue.
A minimum loaded line impedance may be essential to your design.
Abe Riazi

Countdown to Lead-free
How a new jointly authored standard may automate and simplify the format for the entire supply chain.
Richard Kubin and Nancy Bolinger

CAM Works
Additive EP materials offer benefits, but they have limits.
Jeff Miller

No Myths Allowed
As long as you have access to any version of SPICE, you can simulate a TDR.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Career Care
General recruitment Web sites can find you a job, but one study points out the value of specialized sites.
Ted Daywalt


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