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Design at the Speed of 6 Gb/s
Awareness is rising over the need to control schematic-level circuit design as well as PCB design to maintain functionality of digital circuits that host high-speed signals. At frequencies pushing 1 GHz, control issues like reflections, crosstalk and switching noise come into play. Designers must understand how to resolve loss tangent and skin effect issues.
by Rick Hartely

Design Checklists
Working with Fabricators: Tricks of the Trade
Making a list and checking it twice: simple steps for preparing the design the right way. Plus: Fab notes for commercial PCBs.
by Tony Breglio and Jim Hellmer

Technology Forecasting
How to Read a Roadmap
Do the data represent realistic needs for future products, or an OEM wish list? How to interpret these critical documents.
by Jack Fisher

Hole Plugging
Via Hole Plugging Processes
An overview of the advantages and drawbacks to screen/stencil printing, roller-coating, vacuum plugging and modified stencil printing.
by Sven Kramer

China's PCB Market
China: No. 2, With a Bullet
A stable government and social policy are bolstering China's rise as a hub for electronics manufacturing. Driven by demand for IT, forecasts call for 20% growth in PCBs over the next several years.
by Wang Longji

PCB West 2004 Preview
Show Time!
The leading conference for printed circuit design and manufacture returns to San Jose this month. A look at the week ahead.


Power Selling
Good fundamentals are the foundation of selling, but not the most important facet.
Dan Beaulieu

What does "partnership" mean, and must it include actually helping each other?
Peter Bigelow

No Myths Allowed
High-bandwith goals create probing questions.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

Interconnect Strategies
Routing high-speed differential pairs, part 2.
Dr. Abe Riazi

CAM Works
An intelligent look at intelligent data transfer.
Jeff Miller

Getting Embedded
Comparing prices without using complex tools.
Richard Snogren

Better Phototooling
Be a master of your densitometer.
Jeff Jarvis

Green Thoughts
Legislation is pending over brominated flame-retardants.
Mike Buetow

The Flex Market
Is 5 µm pitch small enough for you?
Dominique Numakura

Career Care
How much of the "whole truth" should you volunteer in a job interview?
Ted Daywalt

Our Line
Faster than the speed of light?

Mike Buetow


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