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Fabrication Influences on High-Frequency PCB Electrical Performance
The electrical performance of a board can be greatly impacted by how it is fabricated, especially at higher frequencies. High-frequency PCBs incorporate controlled-impedance circuit traces that require tight conductor etching tolerances and tight control of thickness. Electrical losses must often be controlled at higher frequencies, and such losses can be influenced by solder mask and ENIG.
by John Coonrod

Data Transfer
Gerber Grows Attributes
Output and read by every PCB design and engineering system in the world, the Gerber format is the de facto standard for CAD-to-CAM data transfer. A new extension to the age-old format now permits layer structures, features and functions to be described.
by Karel Tavernier

The Changing Fab Landscape
The annual list of the largest PCB fabricators reveals big changes coming to Japan and Thailand. But for Brazil, India and the West, it’s more of the same.
by Dr. Hayao Nakahara







  • On the Forefront
    Joint developments.
    E. Jan Vardaman

  • Designer’s Notebook
    The value of replicating.
    Yan Killy

  • Final Finishes
    End times for HASL?
    Lenora Toscano

  • Flexperts
    Electrical test on flex.
    Mark Verbrugge

  • Tech Tips
    Yield cause-and-effect.
    Robert Dervaes

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