July 2011



IP Protection
Royalty Treatment
A patent is a time-limited monopoly granted by the federal government to inventors. A patent encourages innovation by giving a patent owner exclusive rights to his or her invention. On the surface, a patent is a fairly simple concept. It protects an invention. However, just as designing, engineering and manufacturing a product is a complex process fraught with potential risks, a patent is much more than simply protection for an invention.
by Kathlene Ingham

On the Web
‘No One Knows Design Like the Designer’
Experience shows perhaps one out of 20 designs has a hitch where the Gerbers aren’t outputted how they are supposed to be. A free CAM tool compares the nets against the IPC netlist file, to ensure CAM that the Gerber will load and any errors caught.
by Mike Buetow



  • ROI
    A sporting chance.
    Peter Bigelow



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