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  • Process Improvement
    The DfM Continuum
    Design and manufacturing often are thought of as separate processes, with some interdependencies. But absent a feedback loop, development will be marred by unnecessary defects and re-spins.
    by John Isaac and Bruce Isbell

  • Signal Integrity
    Open 'Eyes' in the Frequency Domain
    Although final performance is measured in the time domain, a detour may be the faster route to a signal integrity solution.
    by Dr. Eric Bogatin

  • Materials Engineering
    Heat Transfer in LED Assembly
    LEDs may seem cool to the touch, but they all produce heat. So while they offer significant benefits over filament and fluorescent lighting, dissipating heat within an LED assembly involves the selection and use of thermally conductive and (usually) electrically insulating materials.
    by Chuck Neve


  • Caveat Lector
    Toyota's painful lesson.
    Mike Buetow
  • Sherman's Market
    No more dips for chips.
    Sandra Winkler

  • Database
    Back to school.
    Pete Waddell


  • ROI
    Fixing process improvement.
    Peter Bigelow

  • Focus on Business
    Improve workers' lives, improve the bottom line.
    Susan Mucha


  • Real World EMC
    Designing out radiated emissions.
    Dr. Eric Bogatin

  • Final Finishes
    Process flow and routine analysis.
    Lenora Toscano

  • Getting Lean
    Balancing tradeoffs of waste elimination.
    Ryan Wooten

  • Technical Abstracts
    In case you missed it.



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