August 2009 PCD&F Cover


Thermal Management
Fluid Dynamic Simulation for Cool Design
Computational fluid dynamics-based simulations that examine temperature and heat flux can help engineers make better thermal management decisions.
by Robin Bornoff

Supply Chain
Redefining the Role of BOM
Today’s BOM is a roadmap of the engineer’s design intent up and down the manufacturing supply chain.
by Nolan Johnson

Electroplating for HDI and Packaging Substrates, Part 1
Process chemistry, substrate condition, mass transport and current density have a significant impact on via-filling capability.
by Mark Lefebvre, Elie Najjar, Luis Gomez and Leon Barstad

iNEMI Roadmap
Information Management Gaps for Board Fabrication and Assembly
The progress toward complete data packages has been slow.
by Eric Simmon



Our Line
A cool spin.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

In the electronics industry, technology leadership is key to customer satisfaction.
Peter Bigelow

Reliability Report
Slow increases in resistance during the testing suggest metal fatigue, or wear-out failure, a common failure mode for robust PCBs.
Paul Reid

Interconnect Strategies
VNA is a powerful tool for determining DUT response in frequency domain, but accuracy is influenced by external factors.
Dr. Abe Riazi

Designer's Notebook
How to increase overall coverage while decreasing the number of physical test points that need to be added to a design.
Mark Laing



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