Lab Bench
The Black and White of Immersion Tin
Keeping an eye on cupric ions can eliminate black tin deposits.
by Allan Wilcox

NPI Awards
The R&D Outlook for 2009
Last but not least, the final installment of interviews with 2009 NPI Award winners.
by Kathy Nargi-Toth

Plating Specifications
Tackling the Copper Wrap Plate Requirement
Wrap plating improves reliability of via structures, but conventional techniques increase copper thickness, limiting HDI and other fine-line designs.
by Rajwant Sidhu, Ph.D.

Embedded Design
Designing With Buried Capacitance
Without a rule of thumb to determine which designs will be enhanced by buried capacitance, each must be evaluated independently.
by J. Lee Parker, Ph.D.

Flex Process
Thick-Film Circuits with Silver Via Holes
A low-cost solution for flexible circuits can be manufactured using silver conductive paste and screen-printing techniques.
by Hhisayuki Kawasaki, Masafumi Nakayama, John Rufiange and Dominique Numakura

Design Tips
Managing Crosstalk and Ground Bounce
Designing for higher speeds and operating frequencies demands close scrutiny to minimize the effects of unwanted energy transfer and noise in the system.
by Syed W. Ali

Integrated ICs
Embedded Chips Redefine Miniaturization
Inexpensive, high-performance packages can be fabricated by laminating thin, flexible, mechanical devices into conventional multilayer circuit boards.
by Els Parton, Wim Christiaens and Jan Vanfleteren

High-Speed Design
Effective Use of Split Planes
Split planes affect ground currents, making it difficult to determine the impact on design performance without first knowing where the ground current is going.
by Dr. Michael L. Steinberger



Our Line
Diagnostic ware… wear… where?
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Companies, that creatively align capability with customer needs, reduce the risk of becoming excess capacity.
Peter Bigelow

On the Forefront
For many package subcontractors, the road to recovery won’t be smooth.
E. Jan Vardaman

Reliability Report
Over time, the feedback loop of testing, adjusting and retesting can significantly improved PCB reliability.
Paul Reid

Process Doctor
SIR must be designed for, especially in high-frequency boards.
Dr. Harald Wack

Final Finish Forum
A complete analysis of the manufacturing process can aid in troubleshooting solderability problems.
John Swanson

Design Specifications
A review of IPC-2152, Current Carrying Capacity for Printed Board Design.
Michael Jouppi

From the Field
An interview with Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA Design Automation.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Designer’s Notebook
With the right tools, embedded passives are as easy to design into a PCB as traditional, externally mounted components.
Happy Holden



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