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Signal Integriy
The New Wave in High-Speed Modeling
Unlocking the electrical performance of an interconnect may be as simple as mastering the S-parameter.
by Dr. Eric Bogatin

Design Tools
The PCB Design Library
Building and managing a library can translate into long-term timesavings and improved margins.
by Abby Monaco

Design Basics
Mixed Signal Design Considerations
Designs with analog, digital and RF features challenge the PCB designer to reduce noise, improve EMI performance and lower distortion.
by Syed W. Ali

Modeling Conductor Surface Roughness
Stripline models can be used to determine the impact of copper surface
roughness on transmission properties.
by Antonio Ciccomancini Scogna

Copper Erosion: The Influence of Metallurgy on Copper Dissolution
The rate of copper dissolution in lead-free soldering may be linked to the physical characteristics of the electroplated copper.
by by Chrys Shea, Jim Kenny, Jean Rasmussen, Girish Wable, Quyen Chu, Shiang Teng, Keith Sweatman and Kazuhiro Nogita, Ph.D.

The Wave of the Future
Increasing offshore costs give rise to changing global outsourcing strategies.
by Greg Papandrew

Front End Engineering
Building a Profitable Niche
Engineering systems capture detailed customer specifications and transfer design and quote information to fabrication.
by Mehul Dave


Our Line
The people's choice.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Test and Inspection
A novel soldered bump could improve access at ICT, but must be designed in.
Stacy Kalisz Johnson

Identifying critical requirements can help a business achieve measurable results.
Peter Bigelow

Tip Jar
Designers crave rules, but few rules apply in every situation.
Susy Webb

Interconnect Strategies
Small, higher-density PCBs cost less to fabricate than high layer count boards, but closely spaced traces can result in crosstalk issues.
Dr. Abe (Abbas) Riazi

Final Finish Forum
Scratching the surface of surface finishes.
Don Cullen

BGA Bulletin
Microvias can reduce the signal layer requirement.
Charles Pfeil


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