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VIENNA – PCB fabricator AT&S reported first-quarter revenues of $157.7 million, up 9% year-over-year.

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SAN JOSE — Jure Sola, CEO of Sanmina-SCI, told analysts last night that the company was done shuttering PWB facilities for the year.

Once the world's largest PWB fabricator, since 2001 Sanmina-SCI has closed several facilities and seen its market share and PWB revenues erode dramatically. The company recently took measures to shutter plants in Stuttgart, Germany, and Phoenix, where the former Continental Circuits plant acquired by Sanmina in 1999 will be closed later this month.

"These are the last shutdowns in our printed circuit board factories," Sola remarked. "Restructuring of this business is finally behind us."
OTTAWAProcess Photonics today announced a flexible moving probe for laser trimming and testing circuit boards. The company has filed a provisional patent application for the technology, which is headed for customer trials and expected to be available in the fourth quarter. Read more ...
BEAVERTON, ORMerix Corp. plans to invest $15 million to expand the capacity and capabilities of its PCB factory in Huiyang, China.
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FRANKLIN PARK, IL — Two top executives of M-Wave Inc. have signed a deal to purchase the electronics-related business of the company. The executives, Joe Turek and Robert Duke, through an entity called M-Wave International, will purchase M-Wave for roughly $900,000 in stock.

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TOKYO — Hitachi Chemical, one of the world's largest suppliers of PWB base materials, will increase prices of copper laminates and prepreg 10 to 15% starting Aug. 20.

The news was reported today by Dominque Numakura in his weekly newsletter.

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