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SANTA ANA, CA - Christopher Associates Inc. announces the addition of Dan Amador to their technical sales staff. Mr. Amador, a graduate of Loyola Marymount University in international business, has over 15 years sales and marketing experience in the electronics manufacturing industry specializing in printed circuit fabrication technology. His responsibilities will include applications, engineering, sales, and support of the Christopher Groups’ printed circuit fabrication product lines.
Christopher Associates Inc. provides sales, service, and support of the Dainippon Screen automatic optical inspection systems; C Sun cut sheet laminators, imaging systems, and curing systems; Mason electrical test systems; MachVision hole inspection systems, and Shoda Techtron fabrication systems. The company is also one of the leading suppliers to the electronics assembly industry.

HAVERHILL, MADKN Research, an advanced printed circuit engineering firm, and NY Industries Co., Ltd., an Otsu, Japan-based manufacturer of flexible substrates, co-developed a printing process package to produce high-density flexible electronics circuits.
The companies created a series of printing process technologies generating fine traces with micro via holes for functional printable electronics. The process is said to be capable of producing single-side, double-side and multi-layer circuits with embedded passive and active elements.
The process is comparable to copper circuits generated by fine-etching with photolithography. The technologies are capable of printing resistor materials, high-dielectric constant materials and various active materials, including semiconductors.

Anisotropic conductive materials can be printed for connections with other circuits and devices.
The manufacturing process does not use any wet chemicals, so there are no chemical waste byproducts.

RICHARDSON, TXTitan Global Holdings Inc. reported revenues of $30.8 million and net income of $5.7 million for the third quarter, with all business segments reporting continued revenue growth.
The company also reported revenues of $96.9 million for the nine months ended May 31, reflecting a 17% increase year-over-year.
The electronics and homeland security division reported revenues of $6.2 million, an 8% increase from the same quarter last year, and net income of $2 million.
The communications division reported of $24.6 million for the quarter, an increase of 6% year-over-year, and net income of $4.5 million.
PLYMOUTH, MNInnovex Inc., designer and manufacturer of flex circuitry, reported revenue of $18.2 million for the third quarter, including restructuring charges of $1.4 million.
In the second quarter, the company’s revenue was $21.9 million. The company's net loss was $8.2 million.
Third-quarter results were impacted by weak customer demand, especially from the Hard Disk Drive sector, Innovex says. Demand was impacted by inventory adjustments by customers.
Flex suspension assembly products constituted 49% of the company's net sales; actuator flex circuit revenue was 31%; flat panel display product revenue was 14%, and integrated circuit packaging application, network system and other application revenue was 6%.
The restructuring charges are related to the company's plan to transfer all its manufacturing operations to Thailand.
BEAVERTON, OR – PCB manufacturer Merix Corp. reported a loss from continuing operations of $80.6 million on revenue of $93.6 million for the fourth quarter.

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PETACH-TIKVA, ISRAEL – Printed wiring board fabricator Eltek Ltd. expects lower second quarter revenues as a result of decreased sales to its largest customer, which is terminating PCB production for its principal product.

Revenues from the customer decreased to 17% of Eltek's total revenues in the first quarter, as compared with 31% and 25% in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

The impact of the program’s end on total quarterly revenues is expected to be hardest felt in the second and third quarters.

Eltek has received an initial purchase order for the next generation of this product. This order is valued at $240,000 and expected to be delivered in the third quarter.

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