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Isola Group has long been a supplier of high-performance circuit materials for both high-frequency RF/microwave and high-speed-digital (HSD) circuits. And, as visitors to the upcoming 2022 European Microwave (EuMW) Exhibition will find out, those different materials can be processed at the same temperatures and with similar manufacturing methods, making them ideal candidates for mixed-signal, hybrid circuits of the future, combining RF/microwave and digital circuits at the highest frequencies and speeds. These hybrid circuit solutions can be designed and manufactured as compact, multilayer circuit assemblies to fit the tightest space requirements while achieving the most challenging electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements.

The 2022 EuMW Conference & Exhibition is scheduled for September 25-30, 2022, at the Milano Convention Centre in Milan, Italy, as part of European Microwave Week. Visitors to Milan can partake in state-of-the-art technical presentations, educational workshops, and an exhibition floor expected to draw thousands of potential customers. Visitors to Booth F24 can learn about Isola Group’s line-up of high-performance circuit materials, including Astra® MT77, I-Tera® MT40, Tachyon® 100G, and TerraGreen® 400G.

Astra® MT77 is an excellent starting point for many RF/microwave circuits. It features a dielectric constant (Dk) which is stable with temperature, typically 3.00 in the z-axis (thickness) measured at 2 and 10 GHz. It offers among the lowest loss available in a microwave circuit material, with dissipation factor (Df) of 0.0017 at both 2 and 10 GHz.

I-Tera® MT40, with a Dk of 3.45 at 2 and 10 GHz, has Df of 0.0031 at 2 and 10 GHz. It is a robust substrate for HSD circuits and can be tailored to RF/microwave circuits as I-Tera® MT40 (RF/MW), with Dk from 3.38 to 3.75 at 2 and 10 GHz and Df from 0.0028 to 0.0035. The two materials deliver stable thermal performance with similar characteristics, including the same glass transition temperature (+200°C), to invite combination in production processes for mixed-signal circuits.

Visitors to the Isola Group booth (Booth F24) at the 2022 EuMW Exhibition can also explore the outstanding HSD circuit characteristics of Tachyon® 100G and the low-loss capabilities of TerraGreen® 400G for RF/microwave and HSD circuits in halogen-free applications. Tachyon® 100G, with a Tg of +200°C, maintains Dk consistent with frequency: 3.04 at 2 GHz dropping slightly to 3.02 at 10 GHz. Its loss is extremely low, with Df of 0.0021 at both 2 and 10 GHz. Halogen-free TerraGreen® 400G materials have a slightly higher Tg than the other materials, at +210°C. They are RoHS-compliant for lead-free processing and are well suited for mmWave circuits to 110 GHz and beyond.

Isola Group’s representatives will be on hand at the 2022 EuMW Exhibition to offer insights into the use of their circuit materials and to review manufacturing methods that can lead to cost-effective mixed-signal, multilayer circuits that combine RF, microwave, HSD, even millimeter-wave (mmWave) circuits at least through 110 GHz based on their circuit materials. Available as laminates with wide ranges of copper weights and as prepregs without metallization, the circuit materials provide the electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance levels needed for commercial, industrial, military, and space applications over wide operating temperatures (-55 to +125°C) with the ease of processing compatible with materials such as FR-4 to achieve the most practical, cost-effective hybrid circuit solutions combining high-frequency, high-speed circuits. For more information about any of these materials, please visit the Isola website at

About Isola

Isola Group is a leading global developer and supplier of advanced electronic circuit materials for high-voltage, high-power, high-speed, and high-frequency PCBs. By performing ongoing R & D on emerging circuit applications, such as military radar and EW systems, commercial 5G communications networks, and vehicle electronification, and operating a network of global factories, Isola provides cost-effective, high-performance solutions for the most challenging electronic single-layer and multilayer PCB applications.

(Waterbury, CT USA) – September 1st, 2022 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global supplier of integrated solutions from our Circuitry, Semiconductor and Assembly Solutions that provides unmatched capabilities in electronics design and manufacturing, will exhibit its total process solutions for the emerging semiconductor market at Semicon Taiwan, Taipei City, September 14-16, 2022 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1).

Featured will be the entire portfolio of technologies from the Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester and MacDermid Enthone brands that enable end device designers and manufacturers to meet the evolving and demanding needs of the semiconductor industry.

“Increasing component density, finer pitch and thermal management are critical to advanced package technology evolution.” explains Marc Lin, Taiwan Sales Director at MacDermid Alpha. “Our broad offerings from wafer level plating, packaging and assembly technologies bring unique solutions to support our customers. Our mission is to advance their process/device capability and reliability. “

Clare Wang & Tim Guo, Technical Lead & Technical Engineer, MacDermid Alpha Power Semiconductor & Discrete Packages team‬ will present at the ‘TechXPOT’ section on ‘Enabling Efficient 5G Device Packaging with Novel Hybrid Silver Sintering Die Attach Technology’. Wang and Guo will discuss the significant increase in demand for high thermal attach materials in 5G infrastructure and communication devices. To meet this demand, MacDermid Alpha has developed a novel silver sintering die attach technology – ATROX 800HT series. ATROX 800HT series provides extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, increased reliability, and enables drop-in compatibility for high volume manufacturing (HVM) of high power 5G devices.

MacDermid Alpha’s team of industry experts will be available at Hall 1 Booth # L0500 to discuss advanced technology offerings. For more information on MacDermid Alpha’s semiconductor chemistries and assembly materials please visit

About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions:

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions enables electronics interconnection through the innovative specialty chemicals and materials from our Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester, and MacDermid Enthone brands. We serve all global regions and all steps of device manufacturing within every segment of the electronics supply chain. The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate with OEMs and fabricators in the implementation of new technologies that redefine what is possible in device design. Our world class technical service is constantly at hand to ensure optimized outcomes in yield and productivity. Our solutions can increase throughput, reduce carbon footprints, lower total cost of ownership, and enable electronics innovation.

PCB West: The leading technical conference and exhibition for electronics engineers. Coming Oct. 4-7 to the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.

Summit Interconnect, North America’s largest privately held printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, today announced that veteran manufacturing executive, Sean Patterson, has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer. In this position, Mr. Patterson will oversee all facets of operations that serve Summit’s growing customer base.

“Summit Interconnect remains focused on sharpening our execution and expanding our services to meet the circuit board manufacturing needs of companies around the world,” said Shane Whiteside, CEO of Summit Interconnect. “We welcome Sean to our leadership team and look forward to working together to be the best manufacturing partner for our customers.”

Summit’s former COO, Greg Halvorson, will remain at the company part-time as Advisor to the CEO.


With eight North American facilities and approximately 1,300 employees, Summit offers a complete portfolio of PCB products trusted by industry-leading companies in the defense, semiconductor, and commercial markets. Patterson joins Summit at a time of continued growth and innovation both within the company and in the electronics industry.

“Summit Interconnect has proven to be a customer-centric and rapidly growing company in the electronics supply chain,” stated new COO, Sean Patterson. “I am honored to be a part of Summit’s world-class team as we support our customers and bring a resurgence of manufacturing technologies back to the North American base.”

Mr. Patterson is a successful executive who has scaled operations to hundreds of facilities and overseen thousands of employees and assets. He was most recently the Chief Revenue Officer for Nano Dimension, a provider of intelligent machines for the fabrication of additively manufactured electronics to support embedded electronics, antennas, sensors, multi-layer PCBs, and other products. Prior to that, he held multiple leadership roles in Amazon’s transportation and healthcare groups. Patterson also led numerous aerospace and defense manufacturing plants during his tenure at TTM Technologies and was instrumental in a billion-dollar acquisition restructuring. While at TTM, he oversaw the expansion of its PCB assembly plants and vertical growth in the supply chain.

Sean served as a US Navy Submarine Officer following his graduation from the United States Naval Academy where he earned a BS in Systems Engineering. He also holds an MS in Nuclear Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About Summit Interconnect: Summit Interconnect is the largest, privately held PCB manufacturer in North America. The company is focused on the fast-growing defense and high-performance commercial sectors in the North American market. Summit offers solutions ranging from advanced cutting-edge prototyping to complex high mix, low-to-mid volume production. Summit’s facilities are located across California, Illinois, Colorado, and Toronto, Canada. For more information, please visit

PCB West: The leading technical conference and exhibition for electronics engineers. Coming Oct. 4-7 to the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.



Austin, Texas August 29, 2022. High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group is pleased to announce that Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) has become a member.

“AMD thrives on an innovation-driven culture; my team evaluates PCB(A) related processes & components required to bring next generation products to market. We look forward to collaborating with HDP member OEMs, CMs, test service providers, and component/material suppliers to leverage our combined expertise in solving complex industry PCB(A) technology challenges”, said Jim Merkelbach, Senior Manager – Global PCBCAD, Data Center Engineering at AMD.

“I am pleased to welcome AMD to HDP, joining the outstanding companies working on HDP User Group projects. Their expertise and capability in high performance semiconductors, especially those focused on next-generation servers and cloud computing, will contribute significantly to several of our emerging technology projects”, said Larry Marcanti, Executive Director of HDP User Group.

About AMD

Founded in 1969 as a Silicon Valley start-up, the AMD has grown into a global company setting the standard for modern computing through major technological achievements. Today, AMD offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of leading high-performance and adaptive processor technologies, combining CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, Adaptive SoCs and deep software expertise to enable leadership in computing platforms for cloud, edge and end devices.

Visit AMD at

About HDP

HDP User Group (, a global research and development organization based in Round Rock, Texas, is dedicated to reducing the costs and risks for the Electronics Manufacturing industry when using advanced electronic packaging and assembly. This international industry-led group organizes and conducts R&D programs to address the technical issues facing the industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronics assembly, and environmental compliance. HDP User Group maintains additional offices in Singapore and Tokyo.

For more information, visit HDP User Group on the Internet at or contact Madan Jagernauth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone number +1 561.501.1567.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. & KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, August 23, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, and Flexium Interconnect, Inc., a leading FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) and LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) module vendor, are collaborating to improve millimeter wave modules and material test accuracy and efficiency.

The rise of 5G Frequency Range 2 (FR2), upcoming 6G, autonomous vehicle and emerging E-band applications are increasing the demand for millimeter wave, the band of spectrum with wavelengths between 10 millimeters (30 GHz) and 1 millimeter (300 GHz). High frequency and material characterization are critical to enabling low latency transmission and improving signal/power integrity. However, there remain challenges in measuring dielectric properties, which provide critical design parameters for many electronics applications in various frequencies, fixtures and methodologies.

"We’re excited to collaborate with Flexium on millimeter wave material measurements for next generation communication technologies, as engineers characterize, understand, integrate and accelerate the market adoption of high-frequency LCP antenna modules," said Joe Rickert, vice president of high frequency measurement R&D at Keysight Technologies.

Accurate test and system validation is vital while developing LCP antenna modules. Flexium adopted Keysight's N5227B PNA Microwave Network Analyzer, upconverters, S93007B Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) and N1501AE11 Balanced Type Circular Disk Resonator (BCDR) to precisely characterize the mmWave sample circuit.

In addition, Flexium leveraged Keysight’s N1500A Materials Measurement Suite to perform accurate and continuous measurement of dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df) at desired frequencies, helping designers to automate complex permittivity and permeability measurements then quickly match corresponding parameters for end products. Flexium also used the company’s Metasiden mmWave antenna measurement system, integrated with Keysight's M9484C VXG Vector Signal Generator and N9042B UXA Signal Analyzer, to accurately measure directional antenna pattern, efficiency of radiation and validate module function to address customer needs.

"Flexium adopted Keysight's PNA Network Analyzer Family for FPC measurement, which significantly reduced human error and improved test efficiencies," said Ming-Chi Cheng, president of Flexium. "We are glad to work with Keysight as long-term partner. This joint effort will accelerate advanced designs in high-frequency, thinning, and multi-layer LCP antenna modules, as well as future opportunities of B5G/6G, LEO and autonomous vehicles."

About Flexium Interconnect, Inc.

Flexium Interconnect, Inc., founded in December 1997 and headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is a professional manufacturer and integration service provider of Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) dedicated for various computer, communication and consumer electronic products. Flexium is committed to support customer success with cutting-edge solutions and services, such as in millimeter wave innovations, signal interference and fading challenges, etc. The advanced LCP Metalink technology is leading in the market and can effectively facilitate the communication module developments with one-stop service. For more information about Flexium (TWSE: 6269), please visit

About Keysight Technologies

Keysight delivers advanced design and validation solutions that help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s dedication to speed and precision extends to software-driven insights and analytics that bring tomorrow’s technology products to market faster across the development lifecycle, in design simulation, prototype validation, automated software testing, manufacturing analysis, and network performance optimization and visibility in enterprise, service provider and cloud environments. Our customers span the worldwide communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics markets. Keysight generated revenues of $4.9B in fiscal year 2021. For more information about Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS), visit us at

PCB West: The leading technical conference and exhibition for electronics engineers. Coming Oct. 4-7 to the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.


Tampa, FL (August 22, 2022) – Modelithics, the industry leader in providing innovative and high quality custom modeling and measurement services for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave electronic devices is pleased to introduce EMA Design Automation, Inc. (EMA) the world's largest ECAD VAR, as a Modelithics Reseller.

“We are seeing dramatic growth in RF and microwave design content from our customers across the globe,” said Manny Marcano, President of EMA. “Partnering with Modelithics will allow us to provide our customers a plug-n-play solution to help them accelerate their RF analysis and ensure they are able to achieve first pass success for these critical RF systems and subsystems.”

As a reseller of Modelithics, EMA will be able to meet the needs of design engineers globally by offering high-accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for Modelithics' premium product the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, which includes models, representing more than 25,000 components from over 70 component and IC vendors. Also available is the mmWave & 5G Library, System Components LibraryT and the COMPLETE+3D Library. The COMPLETE+3D Library includes Modelithics extension collection of CLR component models, plus over 500 3D Geometry models.

In addition, EMA will be representing Modelithics' broad array of highest quality, RF/microwave/mm-wave Characterization and Modeling services, including Modelithics' world-class GaN modeling and 3D modeling capabilities.

“We welcome this new sales channel partnership with EMA as we bring together very complementary strengths for the benefit of our mutual customers,” said Larry Dunleavy, President and CEO of Modelithics.

The Modelithics library portfolio is available now from EMA. Please contact your account manager or visit EMA at for more information.

About Modelithics, Inc.

Modelithics, Inc. ( was formed in 2001 to address the industry-wide need for high-accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Among its many partnerships, Modelithics is a Keysight Solutions Partner and a member of the Cadence Connections Program. Modelithics' premium product is the Modelithics® COMPLETE Library, which includes the CLR LibraryT, containing measurement-based Microwave Global ModelsT for a multitude of commercially-available passive component families, as well non-linear diode models, non-linear transistor models, and system level component models. Modelithics' services also address a wide range of custom RF and microwave measurement and modeling needs. Modelithics product offerings also include the Modelithics mmWave & 5G Library, Modelithics System Components LibraryT the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library. Modelithics® is a registered trademark of Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Global ModelsT, System Components LibraryT and CLR LibraryT are also trademarks of Modelithics, Inc.

The Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program allows for collaboration and open communication during the development of advanced data sets and models for commercially available microwave components and devices, with flexible sponsorship and distribution arrangements for the resulting data and models. An example of such an arrangement is the Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library, a fully sponsored library distributed for free by Modelithics under sponsorship of Qorvo®. Modelithics also offers a Standard & Custom Test Fixture and Accessory Product Line, including legacy parts from Jmicro Technology for a family of thin film Alumina substrate components and its own new MmicroT line of substrate-based probe point test fixtures.

About EMA Design Automation, Inc.

EMA Design Automation is a trailblazer in product development solutions offering a complete range of EDA tools, PLM integrations, services, training, and technical support. EMA is a Cadence® Channel Partner serving all of North America. EMA develops Ultra Librarian®, TimingDesigner®, CircuitSpace®, CIP™, EDABuilder®, and a host of custom solutions to enhance the OrCAD products, and all are distributed through a worldwide network of value-added resellers. EMA is a privately held corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York. Visit EMA at for more information.

PCB West: The leading technical conference and exhibition for electronics engineers. Coming Oct. 4-7 to the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center.


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