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Power Integrity: Controlling the Noise
Coupling SI and PI simulation generates a reliable prediction of signal-dependent PDN noise that can be used to predict board-level emissions under actual operating conditions.
by Brad Brim

Tips on Building a Signal Integrity Team
The demand for signal integrity engineers is on the rise, but universities have made slow progress in training for today's power and signal integrity challenges.
by Hal Katircioglu



Our Line
Designing the engineer.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Incorrect assumptions put a strain on the entire supply chain.
Peter Bigelow

Reliability Report
Reliability is a balance between force and strength, and when the force is greater than the strength of the copper and dielectric material, the PCB fails.
Paul Reid

On the Forefront
Driven by production adoption, happy days are here at last.
E. Jan Vardaman

Designer's Notebook
The proper design of the power distribution network, coupled analysis in the early design phases, can eliminate most power integrity issues.
Patrick Carrier



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