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NPI Awards
Inside the Winner’s Circle
Interviews with the NPI Award winners provides a fascinating view of the investment of time and energy that goes into taking a new product from concept to production.
by Kathy Nargi-Toth

S-Parameters for Digital Designers
S-Parameter data can provide valuable information about the characteristics of a PCB interconnect.
by Timothy Coyle

Simulating Fiber Weave Effect
Glass type does influence skew, impedance and common mode conversion.
by Chris Herrick, Thomas Buck and Ruihua Ding

Drilling 101
Mechanical Micro Drilling Advances
The architecture of drilling machines and bits has improved significantly over the past few years, facilitating increased small hole drilling productivity.
by Pietro Zulli

PCB Assembly: An Overview for Designers
Communication platforms help PCB designers and assemblers collaborate effectively, reducing respins, improving overall quality and speeding time to market.
by Mark Laing

Embedded Capacitance
RCC Capacitive Layers for SBU Applications
Thin film polymer nanocomposite capacitors can achieve high capacitance density over large areas, reduce process steps and result in a thinner interconnect substrate.
by Rabindra N. Das, Steven G. Rosser, Konstantinos I. Papathomas, Mark D. Poliks, John M. Lauffer and Voya R. Markovich

Design Tools
Accuracy of Transmission Line Simulators
By following three key guidelines it is possible to achieve a better than two percent agreement between measured and simulated high-speed performance.
by Dr. Eric Bogatin



Our Line
Silver linings.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Finding your plan B.
Peter Bigelow

EMC for the Real World
Effective implementation of distributed decoupling capacitors.
Dr. Bruce Archambeault

On the Forefront
After the recovery, will a new "Bear" emerge from the bear market?
E. Jan Vardaman

Final Finish Forum
Short circuiting OSP / ENIG galvanic etch.
Jim B. Kenny

Designer's Notebook
Understanding test and inspection equipment capabilities.
Matt Wuensch



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