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IC Package to PCB Co-Design
Advances in IC packages provide designers with pin assignment control that reduces routing time, improves signal integrity and reduces layer count.
by Benjamin Jordan

Manufacturing Compliance: It’s Your Job
A concurrent approach to design that considers manufacturing limitations will reduce errors, lower costs and improve time-to-market.
by Happy Holden and Daniel Smith

Test and Reliability
Dielectric Performance in Lead-Free Assembly
New test methods offer powerful tools to help understand circuit board failures and the role of materials in PCB reliability.
by Paul Reid

Optical Waveguide PCB Interconnects
Optical technology continues to displace copper for high-speed data transmission, but wide-spread adaptation is still five years away.
by Jack Fisher

Designing with High Frequency Laminates
Understanding primary performance requirements in a high frequency application can help designers determine the most suitable materials to use.
by John Coonrod

Green Manufacturing
Electronics as a Solution for Sustainability
Our collective industry holds potential for far-reaching, energy-efficient impacts.
by Markus Stutz and Robert C. Pfahl, Jr.



Our Line
From adversity to advantage.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Prudent economic planning will ensure that your company doesn’t strike out.
Peter Bigelow

On the Forefront
Corporate culture is vital, even more than “just research.”
E. Jan Vardaman

Positive Plating
The mechanical aspects in plating help to determine uniformity.
Michael Carano

Final Finish Forum
Improved process control can help the ENIG process shine.
George Milad

Designer Notebook
Tools are needed that assist engineers in designing environmentally compliant products.
Josef Club



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