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Global Enterprise
Product Development Challenges in a Global Market
Leveraging globalization allows electronics companies to meet business goals of improved time-to-market and lower development costs.
by John Isaac

Innovative Modeling Supports Co-Design of the Power Supply Chain, Parts 1 and 2
Note: Part 1 was published in July. Part 2 was published in August. Both parts are included here.
New software tools ease problems associated with power delivery design in large computer systems.
by David Quint and Charles Keen

Microwave Laminate
Low-Loss Fluoropolymer Copper Clad Laminate
Improved evaluation methods clarify dielectric loss, including conductor loss and roughness loss on copper-clad laminate materials.
by Kazuhiko Niwano, Manuel Reyes, Mitsufumi Ono and Koji Ikawa

Qualifying PCBs Outsourced in Asia
Communication, documentation and teamwork between suppliers reduces the risk and increases the benefits of outsourcing.
by Mumtaz Y. Bora

Copper Plating and Microvia Fill for Advanced PCBs
Vertical in-line plating systems are well-suited for high-volume PCB manufacturing that requires copper plated microvia fill.
by Bruce Chen

Trade Shows
The 2008 JPCA Review
Shrinking lines, spaces and vias make LDI, laser drilling, inkjet and buried components the technologies to watch.
by Dr. Hayao Nakahara


Our Line
M&A: The ultimate partnership.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Choosing the right strategic partner can reduce your time-to-market and minimize costs.
Peter Bigelow

Tip Jar
Company design standards allow for the creation of schematics and boards in an efficient manner.
Susy Webb

Software Performance
With software performing at peak levels, it's the designer and hardware that need to pick up the pace.
Abby Monaco

Interconnect Strategies
Note: Part 1 was published in April. Part 2 was published in June. Part 3 was published in August. All three parts are included here.
Mathcad allows Fourier transformation, convolution, SI modeling and simulation of PCB topologies.
Dr. Abe (Abbas) Riazi

Final Finish Forum
HASL remains a widely used surface finish with lead and lead-free solder options.
Jim Kenny

BGA Bulletin
Effective fanout patterns increase route density and enable the fewest number of layers.
Charles Pfeil


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