Annual Salary Survey
The 2006 Designer and Design Engineer Salary Survey
Despite a few blips, the overall salary numbers hold strong. But designers seem more cynical than ever.
by Andy Shaughnessy

Hot Design Tools
3D Thermal Modeling
Concurrent engineering tackles the thermal challenges of high-speed design.
by Herman Chu, Akhil Docca and Sherman Ikemoto

Base Materials
Laminate Material Selection for RoHS Assembly
Success in lead-free assembly is based on matching critical laminate properties with the design constraints.
by Erik Bergum and Ed Kelley

Final Finishes
Lead-Free HAL Final Finishes
A review of RoHS compliant hot air leveled options.
by Howard Stevens and Dr. Nimal Liyanage


Our Line
Time for a new tool.
Kathy Nargi-Toth

Driving organizational excellence pays dividends.
Peter Bigelow

Better Phototooling
Optimizing process controls for the next generation diazo phototool films.
Jeff Jarvis

Embedded Passives
ECIT active with OEMs on embedded passive testing.
Richard Snogren

No Myths Allowed
Hands on at the Switzerland of the networking industry.
Dr. Eric Bogatin

The Flex Market
Large PCB investments in Japan take the front seat.
Dominique Numakura


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