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The CM8 PWB cleaner has elastomer rollers said to remove contamination to 1µm and transfer dry, unattached particles from the substrate onto pre-sheeted adhesive rolls. An anti-static system prevents recontamination of the board. Has a direct motor drive mechanism said to eliminate the need for drive belts or chains. Cleans a range of substrates and board thicknesses.

Teknek Electronics Ltd.

AVIA 355-14 is an intermediate power level model in a package optimized for micromachining at high throughput rates. Is an all-solid-state Q-switched laser said to generate more than 14W at 355 nm. Pulse duration is <30 ns and high beam quality is (M2 <1.3). Reportedly supports pulse repetition rates as high as 300 kHz. Long-lived pump diodes are field- replaceable. Frequency-tripling component has a projected lifetime of stable output power for more than 60,000 hrs. Includes Posilock beam position sensor and feedback system. Additional automation enhancements include total pulse control and a variety of pulse-shaping features. Applications include chip singulation, scribing and dicing of silicon and low-K materials, via drilling, and solar-cell micromachining.

Coherent Inc., 
 eTEC thin film embedded thermoelectric cooler functions as miniature, solid-state heat pump; is ideal for cooling hot spots that result from localized areas of high heat flux on an IC. Operates by Peltier effect. Is designed with compound semiconductor materials that have high electrical conductivity and poor thermal conductivity. Adds 100 µm of height to a heat spreader. Has ms response time. Said to pump a max. heat flux of 150 W/cm2 with some designs delivering as much as 400 W/cm2. Can operate in a high COP regime and pump a heat flux of 50 – 100 W/cm2.

Universal Contacts, for SMT, provide an electrical connection between a device and a PCB. Come as a single piece stamped product, incorporating pre-load and anti-lift features, designed to replace traditional interfaces requiring customized contacts. For use to connect a number of device components in any direction and configuration using the same interface, reducing qualification time. Come in heights of 1.3, 1.8, 2.5, 3.5 and 4 mm. So-called "solderwells" are said to prevent solder wicking up the contact. Are WEEE and RoHS compliant.

ITT Electronic Components, 
The Antenna Modeling Design System is a 3-D, dedicated design, modeling and verification tool for antenna systems and placement. Is based on electromagnetic technology. Is said to reduce design and quality risks by simulating the entire wireless appliance together with its environment. Assures compliance with regulatory and operator demands such as over-the-air performance and specific absorption rate. Analyzes antenna diversity for multiple-in-multiple-out. Facilitates cross-functional teamwork between antenna and product designers and introduces real-world interaction with the human body directly into the EM simulation.

APTIV film, for high-end electronics such as high-density flexible circuits, features high temperature performance, chemical wear and hydrolysis resistance, superior mechanical properties, barrier (permeation) and electrical properties. Is high purity, halogen free, and RoHs and FDA compliant. Provides flammability protection without use of flame retardants. Come in widths up to 1.5 meters and thicknesses ranging from six to 750 microns.
Victrex PLC,

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