Hall of Fame

Inducted May 2013

Dr. Howard Johnson is considered the leading authority on signal integrity, having spent much of his career demonstrating the effects of analog signals in high-speed digital systems. He is author of three books, including two on high-speed design, and and has taught more than 12,000 students over his 30-plus year career. As the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' chief technical editor, Johnson wrote standards that govern Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet. In 1979, Johnson invented PhoneMail, the first integrated voice messaging system. During his career, Johnson was manager of technology and advanced development at ROLM, director of engineering at US TeleCenters, and manager of technology and advanced development at Ultra Network Technologies. He has bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from Rice University.

Howard Johnson

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