TORONTO – Firan Technology Group reported first quarter 2018 sales of $27.5 million, up 1.1% year-over-year.

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TAIPEI -- Taiwanese PCB fabricators reported revenues rose sequentially in March, but were well off their 12-months peak.

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SHANGHAI -- The PCB industry in China grew 9.6% in 2017 and a gradual shift of production capacity to China has increased demand for flex circuits, resulting in 39% growth in revenue on equipment and materials and 94% growth in profit.

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ZHUHAI -- PCB fabricator Shenzhen Chongda Circuit Technology (Chongda Technology) has received environmental approvals for its planned printed circuit board manufacturing site in Zhuhai.

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CUPERTINO, CA – Apple has reportedly decided to reduce rigid-flexible PCBs in its upcoming OLED iPhones, replacing them with multi-flexible PCBs, according to reports.

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COLD SPRING HARBOR, NY -- ZDT topped Nippon Mektron (Mektec) as the world's largest printed circuit fabricator in 2017.

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