Market Data

Sales and forecasts of various computers, computer peripherals and electronics end-markets.

Cloud Environments

Commercial Drones

Connected Clothing

Internet of Things

Augmented Reality

Head Mounted Displays


3D Mobile Devices

3D Printers

Global Devices

Hard Disk Drives

Information Technology (IT)

Tablets/Media tablets/e-Readers

Mobile Devices

Mobile Phones

Mobile Broadband Modems

Set-top Boxes

PCs (including desktop, mobile, tablet, notebook and ultrabook)

PC Monitors

Personal Computing Devices



Silicon TV Tuners

Smart Home Automation

Smart Clothing

Smart Glasses

Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Hardward and Services

Smart Watches

"True" Wireless Headphones

TV Sets


Virtual Reality


Smartphone VR Headsets

TFT LCD Panels

LCD TV Panels

Ethernet Switches

Touch Screens

Global Virtual Reality Headsets

Global Entry-Level and Personal Storage

Global Enterprise Storage Systems

Gesture Sensing Control User Interfaces


Video Equipment

Virtual Reality Hardware

Voice Assistants

VR Headsets

Wireless and Multiroom Speakers

Carrier Wi-Fi

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