ATLANTA – Worldwide sales of passive capacitors, inductors, and resistors declined 13.7% in dollars and 27.7% in units year-over-year in 2019, says ECIA. Some 5.4 trillion units were sold, totaling $27.7 billion, the trade group added. Average selling price improved 19.3%.

Capacitor sales were down 18.6% in units and 12.6% in dollars, with an average selling price up 7.4%. Inductor sales were up 10.2% in units and down 6.8% in dollars, with an average selling price down 15.4%. Resistor sales were down 42.2% in units and 28.7% in dollars, with an average selling price up 23.4%.

Sales from the past three years show 2018 to be a surge year, with levels retreating in 2019, says ECIA. Capacitor sales were able to retain a significant share of the gains from 2018, while resistor sales were roughly equal to 2017, and inductor sales declined slightly compared to 2017 levels. Revenues by region continue to be driven by the strong electronics production base in China and the Asia region.


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