ROCHESTER, NY – EMA Design Automation has announced a vendor participation program where manufacturers can contribute part kits to EMA’s TimingDesigner Design Kit library. GSI became the first participant by contributing kits for its SigmaQuad family of memory devices. The company states that the ability for vendors to provide timing models for inclusion in the EMA Design Kit Program will ensure the accuracy required to define and setup timing analysis for their products.

“With the speed and complexity of today’s designs, customers need accurate tools and time saving models to help them tackle these [design] challenges,” said Manny Marcano, EMA president and CEO. “EMA has responded with the TimingDesigner Design Kit Program to provide accurate static timing models for its customers. We are very excited to see that GSI recognizes the value in our solution for its customers.”

According to the company, design kits consist of preassembled component diagrams using manufacturers’ specifications that includes libraries for speed and voltage ratings, and that each kit contains timing protocols that can be imported into TimingDesigner’s Manager Window. The company also states that component manufacturers can use the program to create kits for their digital devices, and add them to the design kit library as well.

“GSI is proud to provide our customers with TimingDesigner design kits for our SigmaQuad family of SRAM products,” said David Chapman, GSI marketing and applications engineering VP. “These kits will enable our customers to perform an accurate and detailed timing analysis of their SigmaQuad memory interfaces.”

For a list of available EMA TimingDesigner design kits, go to The kits are free to EMA customers with a valid maintenance contract. The GSI SRAM kits are also available to GSI customers on the GSI website at
WILSONVILLE, OR – Mentor Graphics Corporation has announced that Dennis Weldon will speak at the D. A. Davidson Electronic Systems Design Conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference runs February 21-22. A live web cast will be available at 11:45 AM Mountain Time on Thursday, February 21 at
SANTA CLARA, CA - Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the availability of its latest Antenna Modeling Design System (AMDS) release. The company reports that its full-wave 3-D electromagnetic (EM) modeling and simulation software contains a scripting feature for the optimization and automation of complex antenna designs, allowing fine tuning for best performance within electronic devices, such as handheld wireless cell phones.

“We chose Python-based scripting because it is the most advanced scripting language,” said Jan Van Hese, Agilent R&D Manager. “With changes to the script, designs can be quickly and efficiently optimized and verified long before the phone is available for either simulation or physical testing.”

According to a company release, AMDS is a full-wave, 3-D EM design, modeling and verification tool dedicated to antenna systems design. It analyzes compliance standards such as HAC, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), antenna diversity, and MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple Output). The company claims that simulating devices using AMDS can reduce design cycle time by up to 75%, as compared with other types of EM simulators currently available.

Python is a popular open-source object-oriented programming language that supports integration with other languages and tools, and comes with extensive libraries.

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ATLANTA, GA. - The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) has announced that Jim Raby, renowned 50-year industry veteran, founder, technical director and program manager at STI Electronics will present the morning keynote, An Industry Perspective: Past, Present and Future, on April 17 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Raby has spent his entire career in electronics manufacturing training scores of engineers and operators. His accomplishments include patents for wave soldering, work on the Saturn and Apollo programs, initiating the Zero Defect Program for wave soldering, and the development of the China Lake soldering schools. Raby was also instrumental in developing the IPC soldering certification curriculum and initiating the Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility. He is also known for the Lights Out factory concept for electronics manufacturing facilities.

“The 12th Annual Atlanta SMTA Expo is honored to feature Mr. Raby as our keynote. His service to the industry, pioneering spirit, dedication and mentoring of countless engineers is a true inspiration,” said chapter president CW Kelly.

The Atlanta SMTA Expo will be held at the Gwinnett Civic Center in Duluth, GA on Thursday, April 17, 2008, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The one-day event is free, and will feature suppliers to the electronics industry displaying products and services for the high-technology and surface-mount markets, and free technical presentations.

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