T55 vPolyTan surface-mount polymer tantalum molded chip capacitors now include devices in the D case size, featuring single-digit ESR values from 9mΩ to 7mΩ.

Single-digit ESR values are 3mΩ to 5mΩ lower than those typically found in D case devices, resulting in reduced voltage drops, better frequency response, and higher ripple current ratings up to 5.67 A IRMS. D case's 3.1mm profile enables design of thinner end products. Feature capacitance range from 3.3µF to 1000µF over voltage ratings from 2.5V to 63V and capacitance tolerance of ± 20%. Operating temp. range is -55° to +105°C. Low internal resistance for enhanced charge and discharge characteristics. Feature Pb-free terminations. Are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free. Compatible with automatic pick-and-place equipment. Moisture sensitivity level of 3.

Vishay Intertechnology


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