CST Studio Suite 2018 EM simulation software designs, analyzes and optimizes components and systems across the EM spectrum.

Links multiple simulations with different solvers into a single workflow. Improved Assembly Modeler offers a more efficient way to combine multiple components into a system employing a 3D environment optimized for complex models. New features for EM/circuit co-simulation provide bidirectional solver coupling between the Time Domain and Integral Equation Solvers for hybrid simulation. For bio-EM simulations, voxel poser tool is now integrated directly, offering direct access to the voxel poser during the modeling process. Body models using the tetrahedral mesh can now move realistically to simulate breathing, for medical devices. Filter Designer 3D, for designing cross-coupled filters and calculating coupling matrices, is now connected directly to the optimizers, giving them access to the coupling matrix calculation, allowing faster and more intelligent filter tuning. Is being introduced to the Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience platform with links to other Simulia tools.

Computer Simulation Technology (CST)


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