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SAN JOSE, CA - Global Industry Analysts, Inc. has released a report suggesting that the worldwide market for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment will see favorable growth over the next few years. The report stated that key factors driving growth include component miniaturization, technology advancements and mandatory legislation.

The report cites an increased demand for efficient packaging that offers the cost-effective placement of electronic components onto the ever-decreasing size of the printed circuit board.

Accordingly, the report claims that the market for SMT equipment is poised to exceed $5.6 billion by the end of the year 2010, and that the Asia-Pacific region offers the most opportunities for the global SMT industry. It projects annual sales of SMT equipment in the area to grow at a compounded annual rate of 13.3% over the years 2001 through 2010. SMT equipment sales in the U.S. totaled an estimated $718 million in 2006, while sales in Latin America are projected to exceed $146 million in 2009.

The report states that the primary drivers of SMT equipment sales will be Agilent Technologies, FeinFocus USA, Glenbrook Technologies, Phoenix X-Ray Systems and Services, Teradyne, and Universal Instruments, among others.
TAIWAN - Notebook makers Quanta Computer, Compal, Wistron, Inventec and Pegatron Technology were all affected by fewer working days in February due to the Lunar New Year, and saw revenues in February drop 10% to 15% for the month.

Notebook makers also expect shipments in the second quarter to be impacted by a battery plant fire in Korea’s LG Chem's facility, and Quanta stated that Matsushita's battery plant, which also suffered damage in a fire in September 2007, will not resume full production until the end of June. While demand should start increasing in the next few months, the battery shortage problem may continue for some time.

Compal also pointed out that in addition to the shortage of batteries, chassis supply is also a problem.
GERMANY – The German Electronics manufacturing industry saw orders for electronic goods rise by near 12% for the fourth quarter 2007, which led to a 4.3% increase in revenues for the same period, according to the German Electric and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI).

Manufacturers have stated that revenue growth might have been higher, but was impacted by the lesser number of working days in the fourth quarter (60 as opposed to 65).

The Book-to-bill ratio reached 1.10, indicating a coming increase in sales. The number of employees increased slightly by 0.4%.

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