WASHINGTON – Worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $39 billion in October, an increase of 6% year-over-year and 3.1% sequentially, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.

Monthly sales are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization and represent a three-month moving average.

Additionally, a newly released WSTS industry forecast projects annual global sales will increase 5.1% in 2020, followed by an increase of 8.4% in 2021. Projections for both years are higher than they were in the previous forecast released in July.

SIA represents 98% of the US semiconductor industry by revenue and nearly two-thirds of non-US chip firms.

“Global semiconductor sales in October increased year-to-year by the largest percentage since March, continuing to demonstrate the global semiconductor market’s resilience so far to headwinds caused by the pandemic and other macroeconomic factors,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “Annual semiconductor sales are projected to increase moderately in 2020, with somewhat larger growth forecasted for 2021.”

Regionally, sales increased on a year-over-year basis in the Americas (14.2%), China (6.3%), and Asia Pacific/All Other (5.3%), but decreased in Japan (1%) and Europe (4.8%). On a sequential basis, sales increased across all regions: Europe (6%), the Americas (3.2%), China (2.9%), Asia Pacific/All Other (2.8%), and Japan (1.6%).

SIA endorsed the WSTS forecast that projects worldwide sales will be $433.1 billion in 2020, a 5.1% increase from 2019. WSTS projects year-over-year increases in 2020 for the Americas (18.7%) and Asia Pacific (3.8%), with decreases projected in Japan (0.6%) and Europe (8.4%).

In 2021, global sales are expected to increase 8.4%.


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