TAOYUAN CITY, TAIWAN – Taiwan’s PCB industry output in 2021 is expected to grow 2-3% to NT$690 billion (US$24.1 billion) because of 5G, according to Taiwan Printed Circuit Association chairman Li Changming. The automotive and space industries will be the next growth drivers.

For the first half of the year, Taiwan’s PCB output value was NT$298.1 billion, up 3.4% year-over-year. TPCA expects Taiwan’s PCB industry to maintain growth throughout the year, reaching NT$672.1 billion in 2020, an annual increase of 1.5%.

Changming expects next year's demand for carrier boards to remain high-end. Among them, ABF carrier boards required for 5G applications such as high-speed computing, CPU and GPU will continue to be in short supply, and traditional PCBs will continue to be used in cars and 5G mobile phones.

Taiwan’s market share of ABF carrier boards has exceeded 5-60%, and Taiwan's overseas production lines are complete, says Changming.

Ed.: NT$1 = US$0.035

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