LYON, FRANCE - Coming off a solid rise in 2018, the power device market is in line for a second consecutive high-growth year, according to new analysis from Yole Développement.

The research firm said the industry rebounded after a couple of flat years to grow 13.9% in 2018. Without a doubt, the firm said, the power module and power module packaging markets are benefiting from the momentum.

“Power module packaging is clearly a very dynamic market with constantly reshaping supply chain,” said Milan Rosina, Ph.D., principal analyst, Power Electronics & Batteries, at Yole. “Continuous innovations, materials’ enhancements, lot of R&D investments are part of the today’s power module landscape.”

"In the past, packaging needs were driven by industrial applications, but today the market has changed and future will be different,” said Shalu Agarwal, power electronics and materials analyst, Yole. “Indeed, EV/HEV will be the main player. At Yole, we think, EV/HEV will become the biggest power module market by 2024 and will represent a $2.5 billion market in value”.

“EV/HEVs progress pushes the electronic systems to meet new requirements to improve performance and reliability,”, said Elena Barbarini, head of department devices, System Plus Consulting. “Since the early stages of car electrification, power modules have been playing a key role, especially in the optimization of performances from inverters to bi-directional converters.”

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