TAIPEI -- Revenues from Taiwan's top board fabricators rose in the fourth quarter to a record high, narrowly besting 2014's mark. 

Overall revenue was about NT$150 billion ($4.88 billion) for the December quarter, after a third straight flat third quarter.


Sales among Taiwan's largest 42 PCB makers are seasonally consistent (see chart), rising continuously from the first quarter through the fourth.

For the year, Yufo grew the fastest, up 74%, followed by Yeuhwan (up 50%) and Pal Wonn (up 38%). Victory plunged 71% versus 2015, and Cheer Time fell 33%. Other major movers were JUIC (up 31%), Plotech (up 25%), Mutualtek (up 23.5%) and Subtron (up 21%). Uniflex fell 22% and Wus was down 21%.

Only five of the top 10 firms grew year-over-year in 2016. No. 1 Zeng Ding fell 4.5% to NT$82 billion($2.66 billion), and no. 2 Unimicron fell 3% to NT$62.4 billion ($2.03 billion). Among the top five, only Compeq and Tripod rose. 

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