BILLERICA, MAThermo Electron Corp. released its new NITON XLt 797X portable analyzer. It is reported to quickly identify and analyze individual electronic components for RoHS compliance that until now could only be analyzed with stationary bench top equipment.
With a reportedly smaller sample analysis capability than any previous portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, the NITON XLt 797X portable analyzer is said to incorporate new miniature x-ray tube technology that enables users to isolate and analyze solder joints and small components on populated PCBs with element detection limits and rapid measurement times.
It also incorporates a camera to allow users to pinpoint where they want to measure and record images together with the chemical analysis of the individual components they measure.

The XLt 797X portable analyzer is said to provide rapid screening of metals, polymers and components at the loading dock, in the warehouse, during product assembly and at vendor sites. Combined with its standard accessory, test stand, industry leading NDT remote control and video tracking software the XLt 797X portable analyzer offers the same performance and functionality as much larger and more expensive benchtop XRF units.

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