TAIPEI - Small hole drilling is big at TPCA this week. A number of  domestic machine-tool manufacturers, including Tong-Tai Machine & Tool Co., Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co., and Ta Liang Technology Co. will showcase their newly developed high-performance PCB drilling machines at the show.

Tong-Tai noted it will display an automatic-sensoring PCB drilling machine. The company indicated that the machine features high revolves per minute (rpm) compared to previous machines. Tong-Tai will introduce a new model of high-speed PCB drilling machine featuring spindle speed reaching 250,000 rpm.
Taiwan Takisawa will introduce a new model of a PCB drilling machine with drilling speed 30 percent higher than their old models. This new-generation PCB drilling machine has a 200,000 rpm spindle speed.

Ta Liang will showcase a five-spindle PCB drilling machine equipped with a CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor. Chang Ming-yi, marketing manager of Ta Liang, noted his company will begin marketing the five-spindle PCB drilling machine in the middle of 2007. The company estimated the machine will compete with similar models developed by the Japan-based Hitachi. The new drilling machine targets PCB makers in the domestic BGA market.


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