MUNICH, Germany and WESTFORD, MAZuken will launch its revision 9.0 of CR-5000 at Z-DAC 06, the European Annual Customer to Customer Technology conference on October 24-26th in Ulm, Germany. This release includes the latest version of the integrated high-speed design and analysis environment, CR-5000 Lightning.
Advances in the core CR-5000 environment are said to include system to board level design, analysis and verification. The core CR-5000 tools also reportedly feature enhanced high-speed capability with deeper harmonization of constraints. One example of this is the unification of topology constraints between CR-5000 Board Designer and CR-5000 Lightning.
Via modeling within CR-5000 Lightning now features the option of complex modeling, including resistance, capacitance and inductance, with both automatic extraction from PCB layout and pre-layout what-if analysis. More intelligence has been added for Trunk routing of busses and differential pairs, including multi-layer editing functionality with action preview, obstacle avoidance with reroute and advanced via pattern support.
According to Zuken, increasing harmonization of the CR-5000 design environment to reduce cost of product design and thus to enhance productivity and quality continues to be at the top of the agenda for the future, as does the ability to adopt new technologies and manufacturing processes as easily as possible.

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