OTTAWA, Ontario, CanadaOptiwave Systems Inc. has released OptiBPM 8, the latest version of its waveguide optics design suite. The release reportedly contains new mode solvers for circular fibers, powerful optimization engines and an increase in simulation performance.

OptiBPM 8 uses advanced LP and vector mode solvers for circular fibers. These meshless fiber mode solvers find modes using a transfer matrix method in cylindrical coordinates. Other new features are said to include intelligent optimization engines, the ability to import DXF and GDSII mask file formats, and a simulation engine performance boost where OptiBPM 8 is said to run 50% faster than previous versions.

"We couldn't be more pleased with the new release of OptiBPM 8," said Jan Jakubczyk, president and CEO of Optiwave. "We have a strong international base of users that require advanced simulation tools to meet their current research needs. We are proud to be an established supplier that offers innovative software products which meet research and development mission-critical objectives."

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