JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Mimic Components Ltd. (part of Mimic Crafts Ltd.) has made the full version of Ranger2 PCB CAD software available as a freeware version. According to the company, became uneconomic to sell Ranger2 due to the administration costs involved.
All Ranger2 designs and libraries are fully upwards compatible with the current Ranger2 XL and Ranger XL packages.

Key features include:

- Schematic: eight sheets - A5 to A1; auto-allocation of parts and pins; macros; up to eight power rails.

- ArtWork: 25 µm resolution; 16,000 pins, 1,400 components; 16 layers; 16 track and 16 pad sizes per design; an 800x800 mm PCB area; gate and pin swapping; back annotation; signal highlight; autorouter (single or double-sided).

- Outputs: printers/plotters with Windows drivers, Gerber, NC drill files and HPGL.

- General: Futurenet pinlist input; Gerber input.

- DXF: transfer and interfaces to Specctra auto-router.

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