Zuken's CR-8000 2023 features new enhancements covering the entire design process and enabling users to tackle the challenges of high-density, high-speed PCB designs.

Features streamlined design sheet integration that allows users to merge sheets from diverse designs, enabling the incorporation of various elements or the utilization of template designs as a solid foundation, as well as a new feature that allows sensitive information exclusion before external sharing and a feature that streamlines documentation by enabling the copying, editing, and seamless integration of circuits and text elements. Expanded design efficiencies include reuse template routing that allows for the placement of identical areas of components and routing based on a single instance, plus an interactive contour routing feature that aligns seamlessly with existing patterns and board shape, and a feature that allows users to examine the routing of a trace path by visualizing a cross-sectional view that showcases the trajectory across various layers. Also consolidates signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI analysis tools into new bundles, with enhanced user interaction, MultiCore CPU support, and compatibility with extensive datasets. AI/ML-assisted modeling and new Power Integrity checks elevate design and analysis prowess.




PCB West, Engineering Tomorrow’s Electronics / September 19-22, 2023

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