Polar Instruments' Speedstack Version 23_09 features several fixes and enhancements, as wells as an updated Isola online library.

Includes the following enhancements and fixes: 1) Printing: Soldermask -To - Soldermask Thickness Line now correctly aligned when ident/coverlay/peelable is above or below the Soldermask; 2) Printing: Added options to turn off Number of Panels, Circuits Per Panel, Cost Per Circuit that appear under BOM table; 3) Graphics: Fixed the instance of multi-selected materials de-selecting when right-mouse button is clicked on them (to bring up context menu); 4) Drill DRCs now highlight the correct drill in the graphics when the DRC is clicked on; 5) BOM Table aligns correctly when BOM is just one line over the page; 6) DRC Added extra data to Drill DRC errors to help identify drill.

Polar Instruments



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