ROCHESTER, NYEMA Design Automation has released the EMA RoHS CIS Library, configured to store the critical RoHS data (from the core component vendors represented) required to aid in supporting due diligence requirements with the compliance status of the parts.
Determining compliance for RoHS is said to be as simple as checking the RoHS compliance field; however, there is much more information required to ensure manufacturability, proof of compliance and compliance for environmental regulations outside the European Union.
To help with these types of concerns, the starter library includes fields such as RoHS compliance status, RoHS compliant alternate part, materials datasheet, certificates of compliance and manufacturer’s data sheet. Having this type of data available during part selection allows an engineering team to select the proper parts for compliance in the design phase, reduce problems in the manufacturing phase caused by incompatible parts and shorten the proof-of-compliance phase should the need arise. The starter library comes preconfigured with over 1,500 parts and is designed for easy expansion as needs grow.
“We are already seeing products being shut out of Europe due to the impact of RoHS and WEEE legislation,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. “We felt it was important to make this library available so that those companies that hadn’t started on RoHS and WEEE compliance could get underway with a reliable base library.“
For those who want to go beyond a starter library, EMA offers a complete compliance by design methodology - EMA Engineering Data Management (EDM). It provides data management tools, integrated CAD tools and component engineering services for a complete solution for RoHS compliance, due diligence justification and WEEE reporting.
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