KiCad 6.0.6 EDA software contains bug fixes and other minor improvements, including the following:

fix intermittent QA crash; fix stock templates path for flatpack; allow closing PCM progress windows after installation from ZIP file; enable and disable apply and discard buttons in PCM; fix net highlighting between schematic and board editors; fix "select previous symbol" toolbar state in footprint assignment tool; update selection filter title bar with language changes; implement cross-references for labels; resolve title variable when plotting; plot alternate pin definitions correctly; fix library symbol properties dialog tab selection bug; fix duplicate pin number test; fix duplicate messages when updating schematic from PCB; fix blind via visibility issue; fix reference and value variable expansion; change default symbol matching to use UUID instead of reference when back annotating schematic; use correct backside placement angle using experimental Gerber export option; import P-CAD footprints to correct layer; Import Eagle octagonal pads correctly; prevent length and skew tuning dialog values from becoming negative; fix router not on grid issue; maintain visibility state when changing layer count; many router fixes; export microvias correctly to Hyperlynx; and others.


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