PV2 Universal Active Probe 8GHz in-system measurement system is for parallel, single-ended, wireline interfaces powering next-generation digital systems.

To enable artificial intelligence and machine learning, these systems are built around multiple parallel interfaces that connect central processing elements with different memory, sensing, and data aggregation elements. Is ideal for probing full-width parallel wireline interfaces such as those found in DDR5 and LPDDR5 system implementations, as well as MIPI Alliance CSI-2SM or DSI-2SM system implementations. Facilitates attachment of range of instruments to devices under test, while minimizing circuit loading and maintaining signal integrity. Offered with compact power supply that can power 10 probes simultaneously. Is ideal for measuring interfaces in low-power modes and high-speed modes. Analog structures such as power distribution networks or termination circuits can be analyzed in frequency domain through interfacing PV2 to spectrum analyzer. Optimized for low-voltage applications covering voltage dynamic range of 2.1V. Has male SMA connector for attachment to any 50Ohm instrument. Probe amplifier is enclosed in miniature body to allow for attachment in confined spaces; female signal socket allows for extending reach through short solder-in leads.

Introspect Technology

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