eCADStar 2020.0 internet-connected PCB design platform comes with new modules for signal integrity, power integrity and IBIS-AMI simulation.

Analysis tools are tightly integrated with the tool's PCB constraint management and optimization functionality. Displays results in a common viewer within the eCADStar design environment. Displays heatmaps directly within PCB editor. Enables planning and checking of signal integrity throughout the schematic and PCB layout process. Offers TDR analysis and S-parameter analysis. Simulations can be initiated from multiple browsers or editors. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis identifies the most significant EMI contributors on the board, including differential-mode EMI, common-mode EMI, and power bus noise. Power integrity tools check AC behavior of the power delivery network (PDN) and ensure DC continuity from power sources to component power inputs and then back where it came from. DC analysis results include current- and voltage distributions across the supply system, pin-to-pin resistance analysis, IR-drop analysis for all supply pins, and identifies current stressed vias within the supply path. Enables adjustments to parameters to optimize I/O channels for maximum performance.


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