E3.series 2020 electrical and fluid engineering tool suite features expanded functionality from schematics and cable planning through to 2-D and 3-D cabinet and wire harness design and documentation.

Is used to design electrical cabling, control cabinet, and wire harness designs for applications in machinery, power, automotive, transportation, and aerospace and defense industries. Features enhancements in tabular editing, embedding of office documents, 3-D cabinet layout, and 3-D PDF support. Has improved productivity from GUI enhancements that include new technology and icons offering a range of shortcuts. Office documents can be embedded leveraging the Windows OLE protocol, and permanent properties windows provide full component information with a click. Previously separated search operations are now combined into one Boolean search function covering multiple device lists, sheets, and connection lists. Can search, modify, and update large schematic and wiring plans without navigating through numerous sheets. Dynamic contours can be defined with move and copy/paste commands and viewed in cabinet design tree. Component placement functionality supports multiple component placement directions. Cabinet design can be viewed in interactive 3-D PDF.


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