IPTE EasyRouter Plug & Play depaneling system is equipped with all features of EasyRouter.

Comes with cables, hoses, instruction video and 10-step setup guide. Is for offline use. Is equipped with milling tool featuring speed up to 60mm/s for top routing of PCBs. Electrical fixture ID, detection of correct position before placement on milling fixture pins and automatic bit clamping/unclamping are optional. Can be equipped with acquisition system for production and operation data to record depaneling procedures. Loading and unloading of router is done manually during separating process via rotating table on which workpiece holders are mounted. Cobot can be integrated in loading/unloading process. X and Y drive mechanisms for milling operation during separating process are equipped with linear-motor axes. Programming can be carried out using standard dxf-files or with G-data codes. Features storage of bit position in TS1 software with help of camera and continuous monitoring of ESD value from milling bit.



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