ScanExpress v. 9.6.0 boundary scan software includes ScanExpress Runner Analytics.

Test plan analytic data may be saved to local database, exported to a file, or viewed using an included chart builder interface. Data collection can be enabled through the ScanExpress Runner GUI. Features include integrated test plan data collection, including individual test execution time, test plan information, and individual test step results and diagnostics; data filtering and export for integration with other data systems; chart generation, display, and export. Supports dual and Quad SPI programming. Using dual and quad mode decreases program and verify time with SPI flash devices. ScanExpress Jet flash programming operations now include persistent protection bit support for Cypress flash devices. ScanExpress Runner application now has option to tri-state JTAG controller parallel IO pins after test plan execution. VB.NET example project for ScanExpress Debugger application programming interface is included.



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