S100 table top depaneling saw for singulating printed circuit board panels is up to 12" long.

Diamond saw blade is 2.95" in diameter and 0.022" thick. Boards up to 0.25” thick can be cut. Provides low stress method to singulate panels and backplanes with sensitive surface mount components close to the edge of parting section. PCB is placed onto positioning rails of linear bearing guided table; table is moved with panel forward to make cut. Adjustable guide blades underneath scoreline are for board alignment. Cutting depth can be set to cut through PCB. Any components that overhang parting line remain intact. Built-in dust extraction plenum around saw blade pulls particles into HEPA filter. Additional vacuum wand can remove dust buildup on PCB edges. Dust extraction vacuum is available separately.

FKN Systek, www.fknsystek.com

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